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The Compassion Award

In 2011, Heart’s Home cre­ated the Compassion Award to acknowl­edge and encourage people who spread com­pas­sion and enhance humanity in an unlikely way. Recipients are indi­vid­uals who infuse their work with a sense of beauty and human dig­nity. They broaden the value of com­pas­sion, and extend it to those recesses of our society where you would least expect com­pas­sion to be found. Through this award, Heart’s Home not only intends to encourage these pionneers of com­pas­sion, but also to pre­sent them as lumi­naries of hope for those fol­lowing in their foot­steps.

The award is a one-foot-high, bronze sculp­ture of the Good Samaritan. As the Good Samaritan tended to the man “left for dead,” recip­i­ents of the Compassion Award do not walk away from, but coura­geously engage with their cul­ture and field, dehu­man­izing as it can be, and raise it up to its full human breadth.

The award cer­e­mony takes place in May in Manhattan, NY, during Heart’s Home annual Gala Dinner.

In May 2011, Heart’s Home gave the first Compassion Award to the world-renowned artist Sean Scully.

This year, the Compassion Award will be pre­sented with Ellen Baxter, a founding member of the Broadway Housing Communities to:

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