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Help us build a New Guest House!

The ICCC encompasses today:

  • The original family house, which includes three guest rooms
  • The “Hermitage”: a cedar-framed building that will host Heart’s Home members
  • A Game Room for kids of all ages. Convertible into a conference room.
  • A shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Compassion.

Why build a guest house?

  • To meet a growing need for overnight stays for people retreating from the city
  • To offer a proper training place for a fast-growing number of American volunteers
  • To offer a place of rest and loving welcome to those we serve
  • To open our retreats, seminars and conferences to a larger group of people

This guest house is the first of a series of six.

What will it look like?

Located in the woods on top of the hill, this guest house will be a true haven in the middle of nature, a place where beauty and design meet tra­di­tional crafting, and where com­fort meets spir­i­tual longing! Environmentally sen­si­tive and energy effi­cient, the guest house will be your ideal retreat for work or just for leisure, for rest or for spir­i­tual nour­ish­ment.

How will it be built?

In order to reduce the costs while making no com­pro­mise on the quality of the mate­rial, the guest house will be built entirely by vol­un­teers. From engi­neers trained in the best French schools to self-made plumbers and elec­tri­cians, our vol­un­teer team allies com­pe­tence, pro­fes­sion­alism, and gen­erosity. If you have any doubt, come and see the amazing 1,152 square-foot cedar-framed her­mitage they have almost fin­ished building. With team work and pas­sion, no goal is too high!

Approximate Budget for the Guest House

Type of house: wooden cabin
Planned starting date: summer 2012
Total Budget: $400,000
Square Footage: 1,520
Capacity: 6 people, typ­i­cally for a family with two to four kids.

TOTAL budget: $400,000
Already raised: $ 60,000
Need: $340,000

Take part in this house and purchase:

  • the stairs $5,000 Need: 1
  • deck $2,500 Need: 3
  • patio doors $2,000 Need: 3
  • beds w/ linen $1,000 Need: 5
  • one part of the roof $ 800 Need: 5
  • interior doors $ 500 Need: 12
  • windows $ 300 Need: 12

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