• 2 April 2012

Broadway Housing Communities

Broadway Housing Communities, a non­profit agency that has cre­ated and man­ages per­ma­nent housing for more than 400 formerly home­less men, women and chil­dren since 1983 at six build­ings in the com­mu­ni­ties of West Harlem and Washington Heights, is honored to be rec­og­nized by Hearts Home USA for prac­ticing Compassion in Action.

The core approach to our housing oper­a­tions relies upon a method bor­rowed from houses of hos­pi­tality world­wide where one member is “on the house,” in other words, respon­sible for all people, com­mu­nity and facility needs that arise.

Three indi­vid­uals – Yvonne Simmons, William Mark and Marilyn Denis – each exem­plify com­pas­sion in action at Broadway Housing Communities. Their dis­tinc­tive attributes are described more fully below.

All three are unequiv­o­cally well regarded for their kind­ness, patience, and wisdom in assisting tenants in need, day after day, over many years on count­less occa­sions, through joyful times as well as those of tragedy.
These three remark­able indi­vid­uals have them­selves expe­ri­enced the degra­da­tion and suf­fering that the fate of home­less­ness imposes.
They each have recov­ered and tran­scended this cir­cum­stance, to become healers of others who are striving to move beyond home­less­ness and find hope, sta­bility, dig­nity and peace in their indi­vidual paths through life.
Yvonne, William and Marilyn are the bones of Broadway Housing Communities: it is their daily expres­sions of com­pas­sion that sup­port hun­dreds of tenants, their chil­dren, our neigh­bors and fellow staff, to in turn, do their utmost for others.
Yvonne, William and Marilyn have col­lec­tively nur­tured the cycle of com­pas­sion at Broadway Housing Communities over more than two decades – the tenure and depth of respect they have engen­dered has impacted hun­dreds of people.

We trea­sure Yvonne, William and Marilyn and we are very proud to cel­e­brate the pow­erful spirit of com­pas­sion they man­i­fest so self­lessly at this evening’s cel­e­bra­tion for Heartshome usa.

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