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Achievements & Needs

What did we achieve with your help at the gala 2011?

At our May 5th, 2011 Gala, you helped us raise $150, 000, dou­bling the results of pre­vious gala. This total rep­re­sented 1/3 of our annual budget. With this money, we were able to:

  • Support the lives of the Brooklyn team for 6 months (7 ppl): $ 24,000
  • Build a barn at the ICCC: $ 90,000
  • Purchase a tractor, to maintain the property: $ 28,000
  • Support the Heart’s Home in Chile (1/3 annual needs): $ 8,000

Why do we need your help in 2012?

As the need we per­ceive for a com­pas­sionate pres­ence is ever increasing, our activity grows a lot. This year, our budget is increasing by 180%: we are opening a new center in Manhattan, and at the ICCC, we want to double the overnight capacity as well as create a multi-pur­pose room to triple capacity for one-day sem­i­nars and retreats.

  • Support the Brooklyn team for 6 months (7 ppl): $ 26,000
  • Support the team at the ICCC for 6 months (6 ppl): $ 30,000
  • Open, remodel, and support a new center in Manhattan (3 ppl): $ 35,000
  • Support the Heart’s Home in Chile (1/3 annual needs): $ 9,000
  • Equip the second house at the ICCC (kitchen, bathrooms, furniture): $100,000
For more information or to purchase a table,
please contact Laetitia Palluat de Besset

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